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IT Asset Recycling and Disposition

Your trusted partner in secure data sanitation, recycling, surplus, and remarketing of IT Equipment.

Bringing value to IT Assets

IT assets are a challenging logistic to manage. We’re here to help you keep your equipment out of landfills and derive value from their retirement in your organization. Our operations ensure sensitive data is protected and wiped when equipment is fit to be repurposed and responsibly destroyed when regulations require. Equipment with remaining value can be applied towards hardware upgrades, purchased outright, or remarketed – bringing you a cash return on aging assets that would otherwise end up in storage or landfills. Contact us for a quote!

International Logistics Support

Spreadsheet Template for Assessing Inventory

Secure Data Destruction

Equipment Removal


Data Sanitation & Destruction

Proper data sanitation is integral to the security process of every business. All hard drives, solid state drives, and flash media is wiped via DOD standard processes, unlike other organizations where hard drives may or may not ever be tested or wiped before being remarketed.

NISP & DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standards

Serialized Certificate of Sanitation

Secure Off Site Data Destruction

On Site Data Destruction


Sell to Us

As a major stocking reseller across CISCO, IBM, HPE, DELL, and other OEM’s, we are a direct market for surplus and decommissioned hardware with remaining value. We help to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible by providing a spreadsheet template for inventory collection, logistics support, and removal assistance. Regain value from your decommissioned hardware to apply towards upgrades.

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